Winter is fast approaching and Flu Vaccinations will be available at Your Health Griffith in late April/early May.

Flu season in Australia is usually June to September — peaking in August — so it’s important not to have it too early in the year. If you’re 65 years or older or have medical conditions predisposing you to severe influenza, we suggest holding off until the end of April, beginning of May. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the flu vaccine to become effective after vaccination.

Vaccinating against Influenza is extremely beneficial as it will:

  • Help reduce your risk of getting sick with the flu;

  • Reduce the risk of hospitalisation – especially amongst children, older adults, and individuals with chronic health conditions;

  • Help to protect women during and after pregnancy, as well as protecting their baby after birth from catching the flu;

  • Ensure that if, despite the injection, you do get sick with the flu, your illness will be significantly milder compared to those who have not received the injection; and

  • Protect not only yourself but also the people around you from contracting the flu.

The doctors and staff at Your Health Griffith are passionate about preventive medicine and strongly urge you to get this year’s flu vaccine.  Flu vaccinations are particularly important if you:

  • Work in a busy workplace;

  • Have plans for a long haul flight in the next 12 months;

  • Suffer from a chronic medical condition;

  • Have reduced immunity;

  • Are 65 years or older;

  • Have a child or children to take care of;

  • Work within the healthcare or childcare sectors; or

  • Are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Flu vaccinations are good for children as well, especially if they:

  • Attend childcare or school;

  • Suffer from a chronic medical condition (eg. asthma or diabetes);

  • Have reduced immunity;

  • Will be travelling overseas in the next 12 months; or

  • Have close contact with pregnant women.

Please note that if your child is under 9 years of age and has never had a flu vaccination before, in their first year, they require a booster after 1 month for complete coverage.


Under the Government Funded Flu Vaccine Scheme, the vaccine is free of charge to the following groups:

  • All children aged 6 months to less than 5 years;

  • Individuals aged 5 years and over with medical risk conditions predisposing them to severe influenza (such as severe asthma, lung or heart disease, COPD, diabetes, chronic metabolic diseases, renal failure or low immunity);

  • Adults aged 65 years and over;

  • All pregnant women (influenza vaccine can be given at any stage of pregnancy);

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6 months and over.



If you do not qualify for the free vaccine, please contact reception to request a prescription from your GP. The total cost of the prescription to be written and the administration of the vaccine by our nurse is $15. Appointments for our Flu Clinics can be made by phoning our friendly staff the first week of May on: 02 69627661.