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  • Consultations are by appointment, and can be made by phone, in person, via our website at or the HotDoc Booking App. Please make sure that if making an online appointment, you have received a confirmation to ensure the appointment has been completed and reflected in our system.

  • Your Health Griffith will endeavour that all patients who request an appointment and believe it needs to be attended that day, will be given the opportunity to see a doctor or nurse, or speak with one of them on the day. Each day there are a number of appointments kept free to fill on that day for regular patients of the practice.  Click here for the Same-Day Appointment Policy. If you feel you need medical attention and no appointments are left, please relay this to the reception staff. Reception will organise for one of our clinical personnel to see you or discuss the matter with you. Every effort will be taken to fit you in with your preferred GP.  However if the GP of your choice is unavailable, you may be offered an appointment with another doctor.

  • Appointments are kept to times allocated as much as possible; however there will be unavoidable delays at times.  When this delay occurs, reception staff will notify you of this on arrival and if the delay is extreme we will try and contact you prior to your appointment.

  • Your Health Griffith is a teaching practice. Your GP may at times have a Medical Student or Intern working with them who may either sit in on your consultation or consult you as well as your GP (known as parallel consulting). Reception staff will inform you of this prior to your appointment and will seek your permission.  

  • When your appointment is expected to last longer than 15 minutes, please request a longer appointment time.  Longer appointments are generally required for full medicals, insurance medicals and first antenatal visit. Special times are allocated for all procedures such as excisions, implants, and insertion of IUDs. These procedures require more time and the assistance of the nurse they will only be able to be booked at specified time slots and may need to be scheduled for another day.

  • If more than one member of your family needs to be seen, please inform the receptionist at the time of making the appointment so adequate time is allocated as each patient needs their own appointment.

  • Where possible follow up appointments should be made at the time of consultation.

  • If you are unable to present for your appointment, please contact the surgery as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule.  Appointments with a GP will be confirmed the day before via SMS.  This is only a courtesy message therefore it is ultimately your responsibility to keep track of your appointments. Non-attendance fees apply for missed appointments. More details are available under Fees & Medicare Claims.

  • When you attend the surgery and are not well enough to sit in the waiting room, or suspect you have may have a contagious illness, please make reception staff aware. You may be asked to wait in your vehicle or isolated in another room while waiting for the doctor. If required you may be monitored by the nurse during this time.

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