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Farewell Dr Gayathri Kosaka

After over 7 years as a loved and valued part of the team at Your Health Griffith, we bade farewell to Dr Gayathri on Wednesday 28th February.

The staff at Your Health Griffith and the wider medical community are going to miss her dearly, as we are sure her patients will too. We wish her all the best for her move to Brisbane and thank her deeply for the hard work and the dedication to her patients that she has shown as a doctor at Your Health Griffith.

Dr Gayathri would like to thank her patients for giving her the privilege of looking after their health care over the past 3 years. We wish to assure you that we have a team of excellent GPs available to continue your care. 

If you have any further questions, please contact our friendly team on (02) 69627661.​

2023 Patient Survey Results

Your Health Griffith would like to extend a sincere thank you to all patients who recently completed our Patient Feedback Survey. Your responses will help us prioritise areas for improvement. We are pleased to see overall improvement in our reception services since the last survey in 2019, and we are happy that we have continued to score in the high percentiles for overall patient satisfaction.

Your responses in the recent survey indicate that these are our strengths:

  • The clinical team respect you

  • The clinical team show sensitivity to your concerns

  • Reception staff are welcoming, professional, courteous and polite

  • You are confident that your privacy while being examined is maintained and your information will remain private & confidential

  • You are pleased getting reminders for your appointments


The questions that had the lowest satisfaction score were:

  • Getting an appointment for a time that suited you (67.93%)

  • The time you had to wait to get this appointment (60.37%)

  • The time you had to wait after you arrived at the clinic (66.29%)

  • Being able to see a doctor at the clinic when you need urgent care (62.99%)

  • Being able to see the doctor of your choice (67.00%)

  • The amount you paid for each visit to the doctor (61.92%)

It is clear from the latest responses, that satisfaction with appointment availability, time available with your doctor, and the cost of seeing your doctor has declined or scored poorly. The reasons for this have been well documented in the media in the first half of 2023. General Practice is experiencing significant cost and staffing pressures.

We will be working on improving these areas in 2023-2024 through significant investment in attracting new or replacement doctors, diversifying the roles of our Practice Nurses, and participating in advocacy for better funding from Government in relation to primary care provision and increasing the Medicare rebates.

We will continue to monitor our patient to doctor ratios to ensure you can see your doctor within acceptable time frames. We will also continue to open and close doctor’s appointment books to new patients as required.


To view the full survey results, click the PDF button below:

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