Fees and Medicare Claims

Your Health Griffith is a private-billing practice.  However, we do bulk bill some services, such as childhood immunisations and chronic disease management plans. Patients under the age of 12 and those holding a DVA Gold Card or a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card will be bulk-billed for standard consultations. We also continue to bulk bill patients of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island background on the basis that they attend for their regular health assessments.

All other patients are required to pay a consultation fee. Healthcare Concession Card holders may be offered discounted rates. Payment is expected at the time of the consultation.  If there are any difficulties regarding this, please let reception know, so alternate arrangements can be made.  EFTPOS, Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa), cash and cheques are all accepted. Direct bank transfer can also be arranged on request.

Fee Schedule

​For a full list of fees including prescription repeats, long appointments and procedural consultations, please ask at reception. A copy of our fee estimates is also available by clicking the link below:


Private Billing vs Bulk-Billing

At Your Health Griffith the quality care that you receive is a product of the dedication and expertise of our staff and a modern, well-equipped facility. Unfortunately, the reality today is that Medicare bulk-billing rebates no longer cover the cost of providing high quality care. The costs associated with running a practice increase every year (staff wages, practice rent, cost of specialised equipment, resources and computers, electricity, water, insurances and so on), but the Medicare return to practices has changed very little over the last 10 years and, in fact, some rebates have been reduced or cut altogether, making it very difficult to sustain a quality practice on bulk-bill fees alone. For this reason, we are a Private Billing practice although there are many services offered by our GPs and nurses which are bulk-billed.

Your Health Griffith has chosen to continue to subsidise your healthcare by setting our fees lower than the current recommended fee schedule set by the Medical Association of Australia (AMA).

Non-Attendances & Cancellations

If you are unable to attend your appointment, we require a minimum of 2 hours notice (24 hours notice for Allied Health providers) of cancellation. Whilst we do understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances arise from time to time, failure to advise will result in a fee being charged that is to be paid prior to making another appointment.

Missed or cancelled appointments during normal business hours (8:00am – 6:00pm) will incur a $20 non-attendance fee. Missed or cancelled appointments after 6:00pm on weekdays and any time on weekends will incur a fee of $30. Long appointments such as procedures and medicals will incur non-attendance fees from $30 depending on the length of the appointment. 

No part of this fee can be claimed back from Medicare.

SMS reminders are sent 24 hours prior to your appointment, however, if you have opted out or do not receive the message, it is still ultimately your responsibility to keep track of your appointments.


Consultations that attract a Private (Out of Pocket) Fee

Following consultations will be billed privately and may not attract a rebate from Medicare:

  • Patients who are not registered or do not have a current Medicare Card.

  • Worker's compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents and related consultations (will be billed directly to insurance after the claim has been approved and claim number has been issued)

  • Pre-employment medical assessment and related investigations

  • Medicals for other purposes i.e. General, Insurance and Legal

  • Driver licence medicals (private and commercial)

  • Fitness to Drive Assessments

  • Services you request your clinician to perform without your attendance at a consultation (such as providing a script, referral or completing a form).

Medicare Claims

For patient convenience Your Health Griffith has installed Medicare Easyclaim.

Medicare claims can be processed at the time of your consultation if you swipe your EFTPOS card. We will submit your claim to Medicare on your behalf and your refund will be deposited directly into the bank account attached to your EFTPOS card within minutes. 


Please note, Medicare rebates cannot be made to a credit card account. If you do not want to swipe your EFTPOS card, you will need to register your bank details with Medicare to get electronic refunds directly deposited into your bank account. If you have not registered and do not swipe your EFTPOS card, you will need to submit the relevant information to Medicare to make a claim. You will need to submit this claim either at a Medicare branch or online.