Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


All waxing, shaving, manicure and pedicure services MUST be done 24 hours before your airbrush tan appointment. Shower and exfoliate the day before your appointment. Exfoliating mitts are recommended. Most sugar and salt scrubs contain oil that will leave an invisible barrier on the skin which can lead to a blotchy tan. It is imperative to remove product buildup, body oils and dead skin cells in order to allow the product to fully penetrate. Your tan will not develop 100% if there are barriers are on the skin. Please avoid any bar soaps, Dove and Olay products before and after tanning.Please DO NOT SHOWER RIGHT BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT as the heat will open your pores and can adversely affect the tan by not allowing total absorption of the tanning solution. If you must shower the day of your tan, shower with cool water at least 4 hours before appointment, and avoid using any soap, shaving cream or exfoliant products. Please do not shave the day of your tan as the razor may cause your skin to be uneven and the moisture strip to leave a barrier on your skin. Under no circumstance can you receive an airbrush tan if you have had a sunburn within two weeks of your scheduled appointment. Please make sure you moisturize your skin really well on the days leading up to your appointment, especially if your skin is dry. It's just as important to stay hydrated inside! Drinking water helps keep your skin soft and smooth while maintaining the perfect canvas for your spray tan. A gym session or sweating right before your appointment is not recommended. Make sure you have dark, loose fitting clothing (the looser the better) to wear after your appointment. You may tan nude or in the undergarment of your choice-preferably a dark color. All solutions are completely water soluble and will not stain your garments. I will also provide disposable undergarments and shower caps to cover your hair. It is best to have hair pulled high and tight if possible.


During tan development wear loose, dark comfortable clothing. Tight garments like jeans, undergarments, socks and tennis shoes can rub against your fresh tan and create lines. Avoid sweating or water exposure post tan for 8 -12 hours, or until your post tan shower. Hands may be cleansed by wiping palms only with a wet cloth or wet wipe. Avoid touching your freshly tanned skin during development time. *** You must rinse in the time frame you are given*** Waiting longer or earlier to rinse can adversely affect the color of the tan, making it too light or too dark. First Post Tan Shower: Only rinse with water. Make sure you rinse your face and ears as well. Do not use a scrub, loofah, or washcloth at the time of the rinse. Pat skin dry when toweling off as scrubbing on the skin surface will remove some of your fresh tan. You may see color wash off during your 1st shower. This is normal, it is just the cosmetic bronzer washing off. You will think the color disappeared, but NO WORRIES, it still takes 8 hours of developing time. Please do not allow your pet to lick or jump on you. Spa treatments are not recommended after your spray tan (i.e. massage, facial, pedicure) Please follow the recommended wait times before your first rinse. Your tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours. 24 hours after your appointment you can begin using a body wash that does not contain sulfates, mineral oil or petroleum-avoid bar soaps, Dove, Dial, Olay, etc. Using products that are not pH balanced could result in a lighter tan that does not last (acidic skin) or a tan that turns orange (alkaline skin). We carry a spray tan safe vanilla-lavender body wash that smells amazing! Click here to visit our products page. Avoid long hot showers, baths, hot tubs and swimming pools. MOISTURIZE TWICE DAILY. WITH RECOMMENDED MOISTURIZER. This will slow down your skin’s natural cell turnover and will ensure an even, flawless fade. Tan extender products that contain DHA will help maintain and rebuild color as your tan naturally fades. We carry spray tan safe moisturizer, tan extender, tan remover, exfoliating mitts, and sunscreen. Click here to visit our products page. Chlorine will affect your tan. Please wear a waterproof sunscreen to create a barrier if chlorine can’t be avoided. Airbrush tans can last anywhere from 4-7 days depending on your skin type and how diligently you follow the Post Tan Care recommendations.


Mineral Oil: It is a petroleum based skin softener that not only strips your tan but also clogs your pores and has been known to have extreme effects on the skin. This is a common ingredient in cheap lotions. Clients will get longer wear from their spray tan by avoiding these tan stripping products. Petrolatum: Also a petroleum based skin softener that clogs the pores and strips the tan. This is used much less than the Mineral Oil, but is prevalent in body butters and really rich body cream washes. It’s a cheap ingredient that doesn’t lock in moisture, but just makes your skin feel soft. Hydrated skin and soft skin are not always the same thing. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Also known as SLS, this is the most common ingredient in body washes and bar soaps. It is a strong detergent that allows the product to lather well. It will strip your spray tan quickly. Be on the lookout for quite a few sulfate free body washes that can be found at Walmart, target and CVS.
If you have any specific questions about the products that you are using and if they will prevent you from having an amazing tan please contact me. My goal is for you to have that perfect tan that will last nicely up to a week with a nice even fade. Shea moisture, hydroboost by neutrogena, and hempz are great options are spray tan safe. We also have some really great tan safe products you can purchase here.