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Health Vaccinations
Prevention is better than cure


When people come in contact with pathogens, their immune system develops antibodies that prevent future infections – this is called immunity. Vaccination is a safe method of immunisation where your immune system is exposed to an inactive pathogen – enough so that you become immune.


Why do adults need vaccination ?

In adulthood it is important to ensure on-going protection against vaccine preventable diseases. The link below provides advice on specific diseases that are important to be protected against in adulthood.

Adult Vaccination

Your Health Griffith carries the following vaccines:

  • Cervical Cancer Vaccines

  • Flu Vaccines

  • Whooping Cough Vaccines

  • Shingles vaccines (70-79 year olds)

  • Pneumonia vaccines

  • COVID-19 vaccines - Pfizer & Astrazeneca

Q Fever & Yellow Fever Vaccinations

Your Health Griffith is an Accredited Yellow Fever and Q Fever Vaccine Centre. For more information on Q Fever and Yellow Fever Vaccinations, please visit our Travel Vaccines page.

For further enquiries please call Your Health Griffith (02) 6962 7661

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