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After-Hours Care

Your Health Griffith offers appointments from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday as well as Saturday mornings. Patients of the practice can also contact the surgery all hours on the surgery number. Patients requiring after hours service, please call 69627661 to receive information on after hours care.

The Australian Government also provides a free after hours helpline for when your GP is not available. More information can be found at the Health Direct website.

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Home Visits

Your Health Griffith does not routinely offer home visits as part of our normal services. If there are extenuating circumstances where you believe a patient may require a home visit from one of our doctors, please call the practice and provide reception staff with as much explanatory details as possible.

The following criteria must be met for home visit:

  • The patient is a regular patient of this practice

  • The patient resides in a location that is within fifteen (15) kilometres of the practice

  • Where it is deemed safe and reasonable

  • The patient has the type of problem that necessitates a home visit such as:

    • Acutely ill

    • Immobile

    • Elderly

    • No means of transport

    • Unable to access the practice facilities due to disability

    • Palliative Care patients

    • Terminally Ill patients

This information will be passed along to the treating doctor who will exercise their discretion regarding the matter. If the doctor determines that a home visit is possible, there may be an out of pocket expense for the patient. The patient will be notified of this expense prior to the home visit consultation.

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