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Women's & Sexual Health Clinics

Your Health Griffith provides a range of specialised women’s health care services catering to women of all ages. Our Practice nurses will provide you with a wealth of useful and practical information, advice, counselling and treatment for a broad range of women’s health issues. Our Women’s Health Clinics include the new Cervical Screening Test, as well as other Sexual Health Checks, breast examinations, advice and referrals as indicated. 

Our Women’s and Sexual Health Nurse Jacqui Mossman can see you about:

•    Cervical screening tests (previously Pap Smears)
•    Breast checks
•    Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
•    Pregnancy tests
•    Contraception
•    Post natal checks
•    Menopause
•    All-options pregnancy counselling
•    Termination information and referrals
•    Quit smoking
•    Weight issues, diabetes, nutrition
•    Cardio vascular health (heart health)

About the new Cervical Screening Program and Test (Pap Smear)

Australia has one of the lowest rates of cervical cancer in the world, largely as a result of the success of the National Cervical Screening Program over the last 25 years. From 1 December 2017 this program has changed, based on the latest available evidence on the development and prevention of cervical cancer.

The Cervical Screening Test, which aims to detect the human papillomavirus (HPV) has replaced the Pap test (or Pap smear) for women aged 25–74. Usually the test will still require a vaginal speculum examination and cervical sample, but if negative then depending on past history, the screening will need to be repeated in five years.

  • Women who are already having regular Pap tests will start having the new Cervical Screening Test when they are next due, which is usually two years after their most recent Pap test if this was negative.

  • Women who have been vaccinated against HPV still need to have regular cervical screening, as the vaccine does not protect again all types of HPV.

  • The new Cervical Screening Test also only begins at the age of 25, depending on past history and results.

Patients may of course, continue to have their cervical screening with their usual GP at YHG. For more information about this new Cervical Screening Test Program please ask your doctor or one of our practice nurses. You may also see our receptionists who can refer you to someone on our team who is qualified to answer your questions.

For further enquiries, please call Your Health Griffith on (02) 69627661 or to book with one of our Practice Nurses for a Cervical Screening Test (Pap Smear) or the Women's Health/Sexual Health Check please click the link below:

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