Dermatology & Skin Cancer Checks

The skin cancer check is a visual check of the spots on your skin. Your GP look at each mole with a dermatoscope to check for cancer. If you have a spot that is cancerous or has the risk of becoming cancerous, your doctor can discuss the best treatment for it.


Finding Them Early


The later skin cancer is detected, the greater the risk of it getting worse. If detected late, some types of skin cancer can enter the blood stream and spread. This is why skin cancer checks are important. Getting skin cancer checks regularly means your doctor can treat skin cancer early, before it invades deeper.


How Often Do I Need a Skin Cancer Check?


How regularly you need a skin cancer check depends on your skin type. Your GP can give you the best advice on how often to get a skin check.


What Are The Options?


There are a variety of options available at Your Health Griffith: minor surgery or cryotherapy (freezing). For spots that look suspicious, a biopsy can be done to determine whether it is cancerous. You can discuss the most suitable option with your doctor.


Special appointment times need to be scheduled for skin checks so these appointments cannot be booked online. A Skin Cancer Screening Consent Form also needs to be completed prior to the appointment. For further enquiries and appointments, please call Your Health Griffith on (02) 6962 7661