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Medical Records Transfer

Our practice follows the guidelines of the RACGP’s Handbook for the management of health information in general practice, 3rd edition (the Handbook). The Handbook incorporates federal and state privacy legislation, and the Australian Privacy Principles, which requires that your personal information is kept private and secure. Medical records are able to be transferred to and from Your Health Griffith.  However in order to comply with the Privacy Act, patients are required to sign a release form. It would be helpful if the doctor, to whom the records are going, stipulates which information is required to reduce the amount of unnecessary copying. 


There is a $50.00 charge for searching, printing and or copying of records that we send to another medical practice. A set rate of $70 applies when 2 or more records are being requested for the same family.

For further information regarding accessing your medical information, or to request a copy of our Privacy Policy, please click the link below.

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